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The Eratosthenes Experiment September 2017, organised on 22nd of  September 2017 by Ellinogermaniki Agogi’s (EA) Research and Development Department as part of the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project , received another tremendous response, as 403 schools from 48 countries all over the world participated in this celebration of science and education, calculating the circumference of the Earth by using eLearning educational tools and simple instruments.

Eratosthenes Photo Contest

52 schools and institutions took part in the Eratosthenes Photo Contest, submitting pictures capturing the schools’ involvement in the experiment.

Eratosthenes Experiment September 2017 Photo Contest Winner:

Ms. Vasiliki kantza from the Primary School Of Kato Kamila,in the city of Serres, in Greece.

Ms. Kantza will receive a scholarship to attend the Inspiring Science Education Summer Academy 2018.




We would like to thank all Photo Contest participants for sending us their photos.

The two-runners up of the photo contest were:

Mr. Pelin Santırcı Kuru from the Özel Beşiktaş Erkan Ulu Ortaokulu school, in the city of Istanbul, in Turkey.